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May. 1st, 2013

funny little humans

This is still my RP journal and I still don't want it deleted.

"LJ is cleaning house again, this is to prevent this journal from being removed".

Aug. 24th, 2010

seriously pissed

I so shouldn't be writing this.

Title: Shells
Author: plumoneoneseven
Rating: Probably 15 or so for swearing and death.
Genre: Crossover. Band of Brothers/Supernatural. This is purely due to Richard Speight Jr being in both. And due to me loving both series with the hard, fierce kind of love that occasionally makes me want to punch life/tv execs/just everything generally for being unreasonable and unfair.
Warning: Indulgent pretentious bullshit like you wouldn't believe. Blatant character hijacking. Comma abuse.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Also not meant as any disrespect of the actual people involved in the conflict described, or indeed any other conflicts they were in. Purely based on the TV Series Band of Brothers and all blame goes to someone with an icon of Skip and Gabriel (Found it!) icon_evolutions for THIS icon of Gabriel and Skip, which put this idea into my severely warped head.

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